Thanks Origin

Thanks Origin


Thank you Origin for the very generous funding we have received!

Chinchilla as a community is evolving in huge leaps and bounds. The benefits are, and will continue, to be felt within our community. However, as with all rapid social change there are also unintended effects. This has become particularly visible in public and social service organisations, such as ours, with increased numbers of clients through the door and an escalation in complex cases.

It is Origin’s intrinsic understanding of this and a desire to make a difference that has led to the development of this revolutionary funding concept – Impact Funding. The Impact Funding allows CFS to flexibly direct funding within our organisation so we are able to meet the needs of the community. For us, whilst the community has always been our primary concern, it is also important that we strive to increase our capacity. This is the only way to ensure future sustainability and our ability to meet emergent community needs into the future. Stage One of our Impact Funding project ticked every one of these boxes.

Stage 1 – Additional Office Space

Additional offices and meeting rooms had been high on our priority list for some time, particularly due to the limited availability of office space in Chinchilla for local service delivery. It had been incredibly frustrating for our staff, not to mention the additional stress on clients, to have to regularly turn services away prior to the installation of the demountable - we were just out of space!

We had been in discussions with Origin for some time around different projects and funding models, however nothing was quite right. Then someone at Origin had a brilliant new funding concept – Impact Funding. At last a tangible solution! We immediately began researching additional office space options, and found a temporary demountable office was the best option on paper. The big question was where to put it. After walking around our yard with a tape measure, we managed to find exactly the right spot - tucked away behind our office.

The demountable houses a double office and small meeting room (up to 12 people), and has so far lived up to our expectations.

Being newbies in the world of temporary offices, we needed a little more hand holding than most. The team at Ausco were fantastic, they supported us through the initial stages of the process managing to source, modify, and deliver the office block to our exacting specifications. From this point we relied on the fantastic support provided by Brandon’s and Associates and the Western Downs Regional Council through the local planning and approvals processes. Our builder, Roy Woods, also assisted us in understanding this new world of building by assisting us with the actual preparations and installation. The final link in our support team was the guys from LCR Group who provided the crane, necessary for actually getting the demountable on site. It was through the support and expertise provided by so many that has helped us to make Stage One a reality.