Pop-Up Library

The Pop-Up Library is a new program run in cooperation with the Chinchilla Western Downs Library. Children visiting the Centre with their parent(s) are able to read a book, though the book must be returned once the child leaves.

Commencing in February of 2017 in partnership with the Chinchilla Western Downs Library, the Pop-Up Library encourages children to read while visiting the Centre. Reading is an enjoyable and entertaining activity for children with proven benefits. Early reading is proven to enhance:

  • Literacy and linguistic skills
  • Written, oral and interpersonal communication
  • Concentration and attention span
  • Imagination and empathy
  • Brain development
  • Memory
  • Reading ability
  • Academic success in the classroom
  • Social skills
  • Reading comprehension
  • Knowledge
  • Self-confidence and independence

Coping skills and strategies