Impact Funding


Chinchilla as a community is evolving in huge leaps and bounds. The benefits of this have, and will continue to be felt within our community. However, as with all rapid social change there are also unintended effects. This has become particularly visible in public and social service organisations, such as ours, with increased numbers of clients through the door, and an escalation in complex cases.

It is Origin’s intrinsic understanding of this and a desire to make a difference that has led to the development of this revolutionary funding concept – Impact Funding. The Impact Funding allows CFS to direct funding within our organisation to where it is required in order to meet the needs of the community.

The Impact Funding was put to use almost immediately, with the installation of a temporary demountable office block containing a small meeting room and double office.

Additional offices and meeting rooms had been high on our priority list for some time, particularly due to the limited availability of office space in Chinchilla for local service delivery. It was always incredibly frustrating for our staff, not to mention the additional stress on clients, to have to regularly turn services away prior to the installation of the Demountable - we were just out of space!

The benefits of being able to provide additional office space immediately have been twofold. Firstly, and most importantly, the Chinchilla community benefits from being able to access more services locally, in a centralised position. It has been shown repeatedly that the co-location of services improves the connections between different service providers, enabling more holistic client support and improving client outcomes. The other benefit, whilst related to the first is a little closer to home – CFS benefits from being able to establish “in-house” referral relationships with services and tenancy processes right now, easing the way for our move to the new Multi-Tenanted Centre next year.

All of this would not have been possible without the forward thinking team at Origin who developed the Impact Funding concept. The Impact Funding Project is still underway, and we will keep you posted with progress updates as they emerge.