Drought Angels Making a Difference

Drought Angels Making a Difference

Two girls alone cannot do much to fight a National Disaster right? What kind of a difference could they possibly make?

That is exactly what Tash and Nicki thought in January 2014. But they felt they had to do something to help raise awareness  and money to help the farmers.

It all began with raising food and money, but then they met a farmer directly affected and just knew they had to do more to help this family and as many other families as they could. It was dire out there, people could not afford to put food on their table, the very people who put food on our tables!

For one year now the girls have been doing all their own fundraising, from raffles to gala dinner auctions, to raise money. They've also been fortunate to receive a couple of large grants from MPC, Thiess, QGC and Graincorp. With this money they have done runs to Mitchell and Windorah and continually posting food parcels out to any farmers who have asked for a helping hand. They both work fulltime so all this is done in their spare time of an evening or weekends.

They are in it for the long haul, as they are so passionate about the rural community and not letting them know they are not forgotten in the drought.

It's Australia, the people who feed us should not be starving themselves!!

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